Love and Dumpster Fires


Love brings tears to our eyes. I’m not sure why that is….if you’re a scientist and know, I’d love to hear it. Because the tears are IMPORTANT. If someone gives you a gift today and it doesn’t bring tears to your eyes, I want you to hold some space and think about that when you’re ready, ok? And if someone you’re in relationship with doesn’t acknowledge this day at all, hold some space to think about that too.

Today isn’t just about being in relationship. I mean….some relationships are barely contained dumpster fires you’re frantically hoping don’t burn down the whole town, right?? Right.

Today is about connection. Do we feel deeply connected to people we love?

If you’re longing for something you don’t quite have today, know you’re in good company. We are all living in the “ish”. We have some of what we want, but not all.

The question is: how can we get more?

The answer: whatever you’re wanting from life, you must give it to yourself FIRST.

You want love and connection? Give it to yourself first.

You want recognized for being the amazing, brilliant, generous, fun person you are? Give it to yourself first.

Because here’s what we know:

1) we teach people how to treat us.

2) if we aren’t already used to being loved and appreciated, we won’t know what to do with a great relationship when it DOES show up.

Can I get an amen?

So today….pay attention to where love and deep connection exists for you. Appreciate those spaces. And notice where it’s not.

and I just want you to know …you are so so loved.

xo M

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