What’s Your Story Right Now?


“They don’t make em like that any more”.

That’s the kind of thing people say when they walk in a historic home. The craftsmanship, the wood floors, high ceilings, huge windows, well….it’s just the thing people say.

I love homes like this. They’re beautiful, yes, and they also have a story. A story that is not “let’s bulldoze this down and make a parking lot” or “let’s rip out the inside and turn it into something else”.

It’s a story of someone who cared. Someone who cared enough to make those scrolly gingerbread house things along the roof. Someone who cared enough to build a swoopy curved porch roof that must have taken determination and ages to complete. Someone who cared enough to build it big enough for a family.

And now, I care. Somewhere in the universe, I feel like someone is resting easy because of that.

And that’s what we want isn’t it? For someone to see what we’ve tried to do. To notice our effort. To see how hard we’ve worked. And to pick up the torch when we just can’t any more.

Contractors are scheduled to finish the exterior this week and I’m so hoping the painting and interior work can still start next week!

🌿What’s your labor of love? What are you pouring your heart & energy into these days?

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