Airplanes and Babies


A friend is traveling with her toddler by plane and asked for some tips. Here were my ideas, and I’m so interested in yours!


Prepare thyself. It could be amazing. It could be poltergeist.

🌱Take salty snacks and give them to her when the flight attendants are doing the safety talk. Then give her a bottle or sippy cup to drink when the plane takes off. The swallowing will help clear the pressure in her ears. Also, if she’s at all prone to allergies, give her some allergy medicine before you go. Keeping fluid out of her ears and sinus cavities is best when she’s not used to the air pressure in the plane.

🌱Also: take a backpack of new (to her) toys. Separate them in ziploc bags so you can pull out a new ziplock bag when you need it and it will keep her interested. I can loan you some if you want so they’re new to her.

🌱Also: do not let her skip a nap and then think “she’ll sleep on the plane”. WE sleep on planes. Babies seem not to. And then it’s like you’re a sweaty panicked human jungle gym for two hours and everybody’s fried. 💗

🌱Take more diapers than you think you’ll need. You will be changing her in your lap of the seat next to you is taken. Take two lightweight blankets to lay in your lap under her. Also take a few 1 gallon ziploc bags to put dirty clothes in. Take a change of clothes for her and a change of clothes for you on the plane. Easily accessible in the bag by your feet not the overhead.

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