Deciding What’s Next for You


What if, instead of making a New Year Resolution, you just made a plan?

The first step in that plan is to decide. I mean REALLY decide on what your life is about.

Are you an artist? A writer? Teacher? Landscaper? Accountant? Vintage sign collector? Car repair whiz?

We shrug and grin and say “I don’t know” but down deep….we do.

I think we know what we’re curious about. How we feel best spending our time. What we were born to do.

We’re just so full of questions and don’t know most of the answers.

And who are we anyway? Is this the right time? What if it doesn’t work?

BUT if someone you trust & respect said “you should do this” you would likely feel more courage about it.

If an angel stepped off the subway and said “you should do this” you would likely just go DO it.

Here’s what I want you to know:

YOU are the only person who can give yourself the authority to step into the light. And only YOU can decide

What if you stepped into authority of your own life today?

It requires us to turn down the volume on “what will people think?!”

Way down.

It requires us to listen harder to what WE think. To what OUR heart has to say.

People stick their toe in the water all the time. That’s ok, and I want you to be really clear: that’s not deciding.

Deciding is not rushing out and quitting your job without a plan, it is not moving out without a plan (unless you’re in an abusive #relationship In that case – GO. The plan will happen later)

Deciding is inside work. WE decide. WE step into authority. WE take responsibility for what happens next. WE are in charge of this one life we have.

Here are some ways to decide:

🌱I’m going to do the thing

🌱 I’m going to spend 30 days researching the thing and making plan. On Jan 2, 2019 I’m going to open a checking account in the name of my business

🌱I’m going to do this list of specific things for three months and then on February 1, 2019 I’m going to start telling my friends what I’m doing.

🌱 On Tuesday, I’m going to start volunteering in the community doing what I want to someday get paid for. I’ll gain experience, help people, and build a good reputation.

I believe in you! You are so, so loved

xo M

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