Where Does Your Heart Go?


We all have a place we go when we drift. What we think draws us is what it IS: the corner office, the house on the beach, the partner who adores us.

Here’s the thing: it’s not the place that we want. It’s how we imagine we’ll FEEL DIFFERENTLY there.

Happier. More content. Less struggle. Finally made it.

People say “learn to be content with what you have” and I think that’s some hogwash.

You know what works? Learn to be content with where you’re GOING

Learn to gift yourself with peace by saying to you “This IS hard. This IS frustrating. But I know where we’re going. And I believe this is the next right step to getting there.”

Feeling lost? It’s ok. We all feel lost sometimes. Make your destination: I want to feel better than I do right now.

Here’s the thing: we never really get to one place and stay.

What we find is just a better way of traveling to the next chapter in our story.

Wherever you are, wherever you go, know you are so so loved.

xo Michele

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